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Wine and Spirits Training

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Wine & Spirits Training

Training Packages

Beverage training, including wine tastings, technical expertise, wine production, vine growing, production regions, sales techniques, wine service and cellar management. Designed to enhance exposure and drive restaurant revenues.

Packages can be produced for enthusiastic amateurs to advanced sommeliers and can also include wine investments. Restaurant training using the property’s own wines or an introduction to new products, styles and types of beverage. Food and wine pairings is my expertise, so an enhanced understanding of the principles of both food and wines is established. "It’s all very well having a broad sommeliers knowledge, but much more important to understand your own menu and wine list".

Wine & Spirits Training

Advanced Tuition

More advanced tuition takes on the business of wines; en-primeur and futures purchases, wine cellar management, stock controls and training staff. Preparation for sommeliers competitions, advanced memory tuition, mind maps and understanding of the human physiology and how our senses work.From just a few interested amateurs to four hundred and fifty students at the Jumeirah Hospitality College. A concise one-off document to a three-month detailed course. All training needs are provided, including product, documentation and results.

Wine & Spirits Training

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